French language coaching

French is the most widely learnt language across the globe. Adding French Language to your linguistic abilities ensures a global career. France is one of the top three chosen countries in Europe as a destination to study abroad, for Indian and international students. French is the native language of about 7.2 million Canadians. That’s about 20 percent of the population. Hence in Canada French would be an asset for you both socially and professionally. Multinational companies often seek employees who are bilinguals and prioritize candidates who exhibit such proficiency. Most importantly, French language helps to get Canada PR Visa and candidates can secure additional points in their application.

Why Learn French ?

1. A world language

More than 300 million people speak French on the five continents. The OIF, an international organisation of French-speaking countries, comprises 88 member States and governments. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the fifth most widely spoken language in the world.
French is also the only language, alongside English, that is taught in every country in the world. France operates the biggest international network of cultural institutes, which run French-language courses for close to a million learners.

2. A language for the labour market on a global scale

On the international job market, being able to communicate in French and English is advantageous. Knowing French allows you to work for French firms in France and other French-speaking countries. France is an important economic partner since it has one of the world’s largest economies and is a popular destination for international investment.

3. The cultural language

Cooking, fashion, drama, the visual arts, dance, and architecture all use French as their primary language. Knowing French gives you access to great works of literature, as well as films and music, written in the original French. Victor Hugo, Molière, Léopold Sendar Senghor, Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alain Delon, and Zinedine Zidane all spoke French!

4. A travel-related language

France is the world’s most popular tourist destination, with over 87 million tourists each year. Knowing a little French makes visiting Paris and other parts of France so much more pleasurable, and it provides insights into France’s culture and way of life. When travelling to French-speaking areas of the world, knowing French is also beneficial.

5. A higher education language

Speaking French provides opportunities to study at famous French universities and business schools, which are among Europe’s and the world’s best higher education institutions.

6. International relations’ other language

The United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, and international courts all use French as a working language and an official language. The three cities where the EU institutions are based speak French: Strasbourg, Brussels, and Luxembourg.

El Mañana Foreign Languages classes offer myriad courses in French language which cater requirements of students or professionals from heterogeneous backgrounds. At the end of each course El Mañana Foreign Languages provides a language proficiency certification.
Our levels correspond to the parameters set out in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for language learning.

Level Proficiency
A1 Can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple sentences.
A2 Can understand sentences and commonly used expressions associated with topics directly related to their direct circumstances
B1 Can understand the main points when clear, standard language is used and the focus is on familiar topics associated with work, school, leisure time, etc.
B2 Can understand the main contents of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics; also understands specialized discussions in their own primary area of specialization.
C1 Can understand a wide range of challenging, longer texts and also grasp implicit meanings.
C2 Can effortlessly understand practically everything which they read or hear.

Official certification for French Language proficiency:

  • DELF – Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française
  • DALF – Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française
  • TEF – Test d’Evaluation de Français
  • TCF – Test de Connaissance du Français)
  • Telc – The European Language Certificates